The Association's Committee

The Association's committee is elected by the members' assembly in accordance with its regulations.

The list of committee members was updated in a meeting on March 16th, 2011: Chaim Zaidel, Yekhiel Narkis, Yossi Elboim, Moshik Goldstein, Itamar Skhish, Benny Daks, Tova Kotlitsky, Daphna Brafman.

Each member was assigned a role on the same meeting: Chaim Zaidel- chairman of the association, Yekhiel Narkis- coordinator, Yossi Elboim-head of audit committee, Itamar Skhish- treasurer, Daphna Brafman- member of audit committee.

All the above updates were approved by the general assembly on its meeting on Sunday August 21st, 2011.