The Tomaszow Lubelski Community
The origin of the community and its location- southeast Poland

Tomaszow Lubelski, our ancestral town, is a small town (population nowadays 20,000) in the southeastern part of Poland, about 120 kilometers south-east of Lublin, 35 km. south of Zamosc, and 20 km. north of the Ukranian border.

South of Tomaszow is the museum of the Belzec Death Camp, where many of Tomaszow's remaining Jews after the second entrance of the Germans were murdered.

The organization's committee maintains ties and cooperation with the town's leadership and other public institutions such as-

The local library, where a ward is dedicated to the memory of the town's Jews; a youth organization called "Tchainia"; teachers in the local high-school; management of the Belzec museum; and the head of the town's Catholic Church.

Our visit in Tomaszow Lubelski on May of 2010, and the meetings with those mentioned above are documented in a short film found in our films library.

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