The Association of Tomaszow Lubelski
History of the Association

The full name of the Tomaszow Lubelski Association is "The Association for the welfare, preservation and perpetuation of the legacy and sites of the Jews of Tomaszow Lubelski- Poland". The association was reorganized in 1992 as a direct continuity of the "Organization of former Tomaszowers for charity" that was established in Poland in 1944, an organization that became active before the cannons silenced down and before our people's destruction machine seized. The immediate goals of the organization were to trace and make contact with remnants of the community, especially in the Soviet Union, and provide aid to the needy among them. Leaders of the organization later moved to Israel and continued their activities there.

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* The goals of the association and its activities- past activities of the   association.

* The association's committee

* Joining the association- bringing descendants of Tomaszow closer to their heritage.

* Donation and help.

* Deceased Tomaszowers to be mentioned in the annual remembrance ceremony.

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