The Association's Objectives and Activities

The Tomaszow Lubelski Association is involved with the perpetuation and fostering of the memory of our family members from Tomaszow Lubelski. We conduct various activities in Israel and abroad, in order to endow the memory of the community and its legacy for the town's  descendants.

At its beginning, the organization helped the needy survivors of the community, especially those who were expelled to the Soviet Union at the beginning of the war. Later, they gathered and published a "Yizkor (memorial) book of the Tomaszow Lubelski community" in Hebrew, Yiddish and, lately, also in English (published by the organization of the Tomaszow Lubelski descendants in the U.S.A).

*Perpetuation and remembrance: posting a memory board at the Yad Vashem museum and on Mount Herzel in Jerusalem.

*Constructing a memorial monument at the Holon cemetery.

* Constructing a memory board at the Museum of the Diaspora at the   Tel Aviv University.

*Rehabilitation of the Jewish cemetery of Tomaszow Lubelski and constructing an impressive monument in memory of the magnificent community that no longer exists there.

* Constructing a memorial post for the vanished community at the Tomaszow city museum.

* Organizing tours of Tomszowers and their descendants in Tomaszow.

Today's association's objectives and activities:

* Strengthen the ties with the descendants of former Tomaszowers, and  bringing them into the organization.

* Building and activating an internet site for all generations of the community, and for the public.

* Initiating meetings of young Israeli descendants of Tomaszowers and present day young Tomaszowers for the purpose of mutual paper writing on the life of Poles and Jews before the holocaust; Renewing  contact with the Tomaszow city leadership, its public institutions and the Belzec museum, and to continue visits to Tomaszow and neigboring towns and in pokand.